Narmacil I


    Narmacil I (TA 1049- TA 1294) was the 17th King of Gondor. Ascending to the throne in TA 1226 after his father Atanatar II Alcarin died. 

    Like his father Narmacil preferred to enjoy the luxury’s of Gondor personally did very little to strengthen them. He instead opted to make his younger brother Calmacil’s son Minalcar the Regent of the Realm. 

    Although done to reduce his work load it was a good strategy, Minalcar was a ruthless Regent, crushing the small force of Easterlings who plagued Gondor’s borders. 

    Narmacil I would become the second childless King of Gondor, after Tarannon, he was instead succeeded by his brother Calmacil.  

    Trivia– Narmacil is thought to mean “Fire-sword” in Quenya