Minalcar (TA 1126-TA 1366) also known as Romendacil II was the 19th King of Gondor

    After being named the Regent of Gondor in TA 1240 by his uncle Narmacil I and being kept in that same position by his father Calmacil, he finally took the throne in TA 1304. 

    Both Narmacil I and Calmacil were seen as idle kings, enjoying luxury rather than fortifying the borders of Gondor. Minalcar was not that way inclined, to further strengthen Gondors power he began recruiting Northmen into his service. 

    To one leader of the Northmen called Vidugavia or the King of Rhovanion, Romendacil II sent his son Valacar to live with Vidugavia as an ambassador of Gondor

    As Regent he was seen as ruthless and vigorous, squashing Easterling attacks on the border and defeating an army of Easterlings between Rhovanion and the Sea of Rhun. 

    After this battle he took the name Romendacil. 

    Also after the victory he fortified the Western side of the River Anduin up to Limlight. 

    TriviaMinalcar is thought to mean “First Glory” in Quenya and Romendacil means “East-Victor”.