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Frodo Baggins

The Workings of the Inner World

by Ivana Zaharija The inner world is an individual's own personal view of the world. It is most often different than that of any other individual, which in turn...
JRR Tolkien

Tolkien’s Characters

by G. Russell Gaynor(a.k.a. Reiter)             My editor will tell you, my openings are most often a troublesome thing. But this one is pretty easy.             Tolkien....
Tolkien - Simlarillion

A Different Approach to Reading The Silmarillion

By Rob Bauer If you’re enough of a Tolkien fan to read The Silmarillion and visit a blog about Tolkienology, there’s probably not much I can write you haven’t read before...

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Tolkienology Club Schedule

We are excited to present our weekly schedule in Tolkienology club! We have some cool giveaways and contests :) Monday: Second Breakfast Giveaway (*** PRIZES ***)Tuesday: Add Your...

Fanart: Somewhere in the Shire

by Nicola Bernardelli

Fanart: Osgiliath

by Abe Papakhian

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