Slaven Vujic


Award-winning author writing non-fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance.

Iryna Vlasenko

Art Director

Creating amazing art inspired by Tolkien. A loyal companion to the guy on the left

Ian Lahey

Admin & Contributor

Ian teaches English Language and Literature in Italy. An incessant traveler, always quite ready for an adventure

Chrisy Breneman

Community Manager

Chrisy is a Writer, Lyricist, and all around Creative enthusiast. You can find her watching over the page, silently observing like a familiar fiery eye waiting to make her next move

Caleb Poston


Caleb Poston is a high school English teacher in Tennessee. He is a member of the Tolkien Society and makes his students read either The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings every year.

Tony Shannon


Tony is working on a farm in Ireland and has studied theology and philosophy. He writes from the happy safety of a real life Shire, while expecting that a Gandalf will eventually nudge him out the door and call him on some quest!

Nera Martinovic


Nera has a Master's degree in English language and literature, and the topic of my Master's thesis dealt with J.R.R. Tolkien's most prominent work, The Lord of the Rings.

Revan Filiexdeus


Revan is an aircraft mechanic, avid consumer of science fiction and mythology, and keeps a copy of the Silmarillion next to his Bible.

Shivani Sundaram


Shivani has been an avid reader of Tolkien’s works for all my life, and have furthered this passion thorough reading, writing, drawing, and even teaching LOTR classes in college

Elizabeth McCann


Stay-at-home Mom, Artist, and lover of over analyzing everything from movies, quotes, books, and more. Tolkien fan for over 20 years. Trivia nerd.

Matthew Evans


Matthew is a freelance journalist from the UK who runs on whiskey and tequila. Reading, gaming, and music have been his interests from a very early age. And Tolkien, of course.

Jenna Padayachee


Jenna enjoys creating worlds, sharing perceptions, and influencing positive individual shifts to mindsets. Tolkien’s writings and movie adaptations have added a powerful depth and magic to her own journey.