Romendacil I


    Romendacil the 1st, born Tarostar (TA 310-TA 541), was the 8th King of Gondor. Son of Ostoher, Tarostar ruled for 49 years from TA 492, after leading Gondor to victory against the invading Easterlings due to his father’s age, Tarostar changed his name to Romendacil, which means “East-Victor”. After this first assault from the Easterlings, he ordered that the “Tradition of Isildur” to be set in a sealed scroll and delivered to the heir to the throne before crowning.

    In TA 541 the Easterlings returned to Gondor and Romendacil lost his life during the battle. He was then succeeded by Turambar, who would go on to avenge his death. 

    Trivia-Tarostar could mean “King of the Lands” in Quenya