Turambar (TA 397-TA 667) was the ninth King of Gondor. Inherited the crown at an earlier age, becoming the longest reigning king since Meneldil. He became king after the death of his father Romendacil 1st, during a battle defending Northern Ithilien from a second Easterling invasion. Turambar sought vengeance, he routed the Easterling forces and pushed them back out of Gondor and ended up taking territory in Rhun. 

    Following his triumphs, the rest of his reign was uneventful, after a 126 year rule he passed and his son Atanatar the 1st took over. 

    Trivia– Turambars name comes from a hero of the First Age ‘Turin Turambar’. Turambar translates to “Master of Doom” in Quenya.