Meneldil (SA 3318-TA 158) was the third King of Gondor and youngest child and only male heir of Anarion. Born in Numenor a year before its fall to Sauron, it is said he could have been the last child to be born in Numenor. Uncle Isildur tutored Meneldil in the years after Saurons defeat to the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, to take over the crown of Gondor. Isildur was planning to take his family to rule Arnor. In the second year of the Third Age, after the death of Isildur Meneldil became the third King of Gondor. When the youngest son of Isildur called Valandil became of age to rule, Valandil made no claim to the throne of Gondor, instead keeping the title of High-King and ruling Arnor. Meneldil ruled Gondor for 156 years until his death where he was succeeded by son Cemendur

    TriviaMeneldil is a Quenya word meaning Heaven-lover.