Anarion (SA 3219-SA 3440) the youngest son of Elendil was part of the 9 faithful that left Numenor after it’s downfall, eventually settling and ruling Gondor with brother Isildur. Anarion settled on the Western side of the Anduin creating Minas Anor, which later became Minas Tirith. Osgiliath was used as the joint capital that he and Isildur ruled from, also being able to contact Isildur and Elendil through the use of a palantiri. Anarion was killed by a stone from Barad-dur, either from a catapult or falling debris. The White Tree of Gondor was planted by Isildur in Minas Anor in memory of Anarion. Following the death of Isildur, Anarion’s son Meneldil became the 3rd King of Gondor, the lineage of Gondorian Kings would be descended from him, even after the disappearance of Earnur and the beginning of Stewards of Gondor taking control, Anarion’s bloodline lived on through Firiel who married into the House of Isildur

    Trivia– Although changed in the films to show Isildur and Elendil, the Argonath originally depicted Anarion and Isildur.