Earnil 1


    Earnil 1 (TA 736-TA 936) was the 13th King of Gondor and the 2nd Ship-King. He took both titles after his uncle Tarannon died without an heir to the throne Earnil was the son of Tarannon’s brother Tarciryan. He continued Tarannon’s campaign, repaired the haven of Pelagir and amassed a large fleet. 

    Earnil laid siege to Umbar on two fronts, sea and land and conquered the city in TA 933. He was succeeded by his son Ciryandil shortly after conquering Umbar, losing his life with his men in a great storm off the coast of Umbar. 

    Trivia-His name is a shortened form of Earendil, possible named from a famed half elven mariner of the same name.