Ciryaher (TA 899-TA 1149) later becoming known as Hyarmendacil the 1st, was the 15th King of Gondor and 4th and final Ship-King. He held the second longest reign of the line of Anarion. Gondor achieved its greatest power during his reign.

    His reign began by building the forces of the army and navy, when ready his army attacked the Haradrim by both land and sea utterly crushing them. The Haradrim eventually bent the knee to Gondor, and Ciryaher became known as Hyarmendacil. 

    During his 134 year reign Gondors reach extended to the Field of Celebrant, the Souther Edge of Mirkwood, west of Greflood, south of the river Harnen along the coast and Umbar, east of the Sea of Rhun, the Vales of Anduin all the while building fortresses to guard the pass to Mordor. The picture featured above highlights the extent of Gondors reach.

    He was later succeeded by Atanatar II Alcarian

    Trivia-Ciryaher means “Ship Lord” in Quenya and Hyarmendacil means “South victor”.