JRR Tolkiens: Riders of Rohan, was released back in 1991 and developed by returning developer Beam Software and was actually published by renowned publisher Konami.

Graphics and Gameplay:

Graphics again are rudimentary by modern standards, consisting of sprite-based characters and environments.

The visuals attempt to capture the essence of Tolkien’s world, but limitations of technology at the time result in a basic presentation. Computer Gaming World described the graphics as “simple yet pleasing”.

The game is more similar to 1988’s ‘War in Middle-Earth’ downsized from the whole world to just the expansive land of the Rohirrim. There is a mixture however of single combat and duels as well as tactical unit-based combat. 

Story and Faithfulness to Source Material

The game follows the events of mostly from the Two Towers and a little bit into The Return of the King and aims to stay true-ish to Tolkien’s narrative.

Players encounter familiar characters and locations from the source material, attempting to create an immersive experience for fans of the books. Characters you meet range from obvious and popular like Legolas, Aragorn and Treebeard to lesser mentioned characters like Hama of Rohan and Erkenbrand the leader of the Westfold and commander of Helm’s Deep. 


Computer Gaming World described the game as a “lightweight strategy game that includes action sequences and limited character interaction.”


Riders of Rohan is a perfectly respectable turn-based game, but only for Tolkien fans. The story doesn’t run as smoothly if you don’t follow the story by the letter which can leave strategy gamers wanting. 

In summary, Riders of Rohan is a classic turn-based game that would be enjoyed by any Tolkien fan…who is a game of course. Come back next week for the next game in this series J.R.R Tolkiens: Lord of the Rings The Two Towers from 1994. 

One Ring Rating-4

Not a great game but a decent strategy game none the less.


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