King of Arda, King of the Valar, leader of Anuir, husband to Varda, and brother to Melkor.
    He lived atop Mount Tanquetil in Valinor, the highest mountain in Arda.

    Manwë means “The Blessed One” as he was the greatest in power and authority in Eru Iluvatar’s thoughts.

    When Arda was formed, Manwë was appointed the Ruler of Arda, obtaining his most common title The Elder King.

    Maiar of Manwë:

    • Eönwë, Manwë’s banner-bearer, and herald.
    • Olórin (Gandalf), the second-in-command (and later leader) of the Wizards sent to Middle-earth to fight against Sauron

    Trivia: Association with wisdom and the skies connects Manwë with Greek Zeus and the Norse Odin