Vidugavia (TA NA-TA NA) was a Northmen who called himself the “King of Rhovanion” and ruled a territory between the River Running and Mirkwood

    He became an ally to Minalcar/Romendacil II in his war against the Easterlings. Minalcar sent his son Valacar to live with Vidugavia as an ambassador for Gondor

    Valacar eventually grew to love Vidugaiva’s daughter Vidumavi and married her. 

    Vidugavia’s only known child is Vidumavi but he must have had others as he is also a relative of Marhari a Northmen Lord in TA 1856. 

    Trivia– Christopher Tolkien believes that Vidugavia is the latin spelling of the Goth name Widugauja meaning “wood-dweller”.