Valacar (TA 1194-TA 1432) was the twentieth King of Gondor

    Around TA 1250 after his father Minalcar defeated the large army of Easterlings, Valacar was sent to live with one of the Northmen families allied to Gondor. That family was Vidugavia’s in Rhovanion. 

    While staying there as Gondors ambassador he began to learn the language and the customs of the Northmen and eventually fell in love and married Vidugavia’s daughter Vidumavi

    Valacar and Vidumavi had a son called Eldacar while in Rhovanion. After some years he returned with his family to Gondor, however the “high-men” of Gondor disapproved of the heir to the throne marrying someone of “lesser” race. 

    The main concern was that it would lessen the lifespans of the subsequent heirs to the throne diluting the characteristics of the Dunedain. In his later years there was rebellion throughout the southern areas of Gondor

    TriviaValacar is a Quenya name meaning “Vala Helm”