The Silmarils


    The Silmarils, or the Great Jewels as they are also known, are three magnificent jewels created by one of the greatest craftsmen of all time, Fëanor, during the Elder Days. He created them by combining various gems immersed in a phosphoric substance he gathered in urns with the light of the Two Trees of Valinor, which gave light to the land of the Valar. Upon combining the ingredients mentioned, he poured them into a perfect glass, thus creating the three jewels of his own, which he named the Silmarilli. These jewels shone on their own, and are described as the most beautiful jewels of the time. Just like the Two Trees of Valinor, their creation could never be duplicated. The Silmarils were hallowed by the Valier, Varda, also known as Elbereth, or the Lady of the Stars so that any impure hand touching the jewels would be burned and withered. Since the Silmarils were so beautiful and adored by their creator, they were bound to be noticed by someone else, and so it was. They were noticed by Morgoth, the greatest and eldest of the Ainur, which urged Fëanor to hide the jewels, in an attempt to protect them from Morgoth. However, the hiding of the jewels pushed Fëanor into arrogance and greed. Despite all the efforts, Morgoth stole the Silmarils, and this consequentially led to Fëanor and his sons swear an Oath, which bound them to hatred and revenge upon anyone who got hold of the jewels. It is evident that the beauty of the Silmarils corrupts every person who comes in contact with them, and this corruption led to many disastrous events, such as the exile of Fëanor and his sons, the burning of the ships at Losgar and many others. After a quarrel with his ally Ungoliant, Morgoth placed the Silmarils in his Iron Crown. It was thought that the jewels were lost forever, until Beren appeared and retrieved one of the jewels from the crown as the fulfillment of a quest given to him by King Thingol, in order to marry his daughter, Lúthien. The retrieved Silmaril eventually became a star in the sky, signaling hope. Fëanor’s sons, Maedhros and Maglor, came into possession of the remaining two Silmarils. But, tainted and corrupted by their own Oath, they were burned by the very things they coveted the most. Maedhros cast himself and the jewel into the fiery abyss, and Maglor threw his jewel into the Sea, and thus the Silmarils were lost forever.

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