Eldacar originally Vinitharya (TA 1255-TA 1490) was the 21st King of Gondor and the first King not of full Numenorean heritage. 

    He was the eldest son of Gondorian Valacar and Vidumavi daughter of the King of Rhovanion. Being born as Vinitharya while in the land of his mother, when Valacar was asked to return to Gondor he was given the new name Eldacar

    After Eldacar took the throne in TA 1432, the Gondorian nobles that already objected to the “mixing of the races” rebelled against Eldacar

    Even when he showed no signs of aging any differently to the Dunedain, the rebels lead by distant relative Castamir laid siege to Osgiliath

    The palantir kept in Osgiliath was lost during this siege, and Ornendil the son of Eldacar was put to death by Castamir. 

    Eldacar rallied in Rhovanion with the Northmen and some Gondorians who remained loyal, and after 10 years of exile marched back on Gondor to retake his throne. 

    This army was enhanced by the people of Calenardhon, Anorien and Ithilien. 

    The largest battle happened at the Crossings of Erui. Eldacar took revenge by eliminating Castamir during battle.  

    After the remnants of the rebellion fled to Umbar, Gondor was left in peace. Eldacar ruled until his 235th year, proving that his mother’s lineage had no effect on his lifespan. He was succeeded by his younger son Aldamir

    To the lineage of Gondor he added the fearless spirit of the Northmen. He was handsome and valiant, and showed no sign of ageing more swiftly

    Appendix A

    TriviaEldacar means “Elfhelm” in Quenya.

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